This poster series was prompted by the few impossibly rude Mustang drivers that roam around where I live. A few of them have the need to accelerate in a rage between 1am and 3am. They don't understand they are driving by a dormant neighborhood where people have to get up early to go to work, so no one will come out and cheer on their inconsiderate behavior. It was also prompted by the guy who sat at a light in front of me and kept accelerating as if the stop light could hear him. I don't know what type of "woman" finds this attractive, and most of all why, but I don't find this attractive one bit. Matter of fact, my mom got a ticket worth about $500 dollars back in Europe when her muffler was rotted out by the salt they pour on the roads in the winter, and her tiny Fiat 850 sounded like an angry Harley Davidson motorcycle! (In Europe they police all traffic offenses, not just speeding). 
Personally, I find this road behavior amusing. To think that some adult wants to be idolized for driving a vehicle with a defective muffler is hilarious. I mean, how low is your self esteem, and how uninteresting are you as a person that you need a car to make people want talk to you? Also, if you like racing, why are you driving in a 45MPH zone? Why are you not going to Daytona 500? That, and other races like Formula 1, is where you should be. You're not impressing anyone on here, but more so you make people like me not want to buy a car made by Ford, since it seems they can't make cars without broken parts. I think we all know what FORD really stands for - Fix Or Repair Daily - , but these cars look new, so to think someone paid for a new car, and it sounds like something that was dug up from a junk yard seems quite dumb.
So, enjoy! Looks like these drivers really need relief for their broken cars.
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